A2P 10DLC Registration

How to register for A2P 10DLC for United Stated SMS messaging.

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IMPORTANT: We are experiencing delays while vetting A2P 10DLC brands and campaigns. Our third party is reviewing campaigns manually, and due to the high volume of requests, a queue has built up. Campaign reviews are expected to take longer. Call Loop is working with the provider to help expedite this process. New details will be shared in Twilio's (our provider) incident report as soon they become available.

Are you a Call Loop customer looking to send important business messages to your customers? Well, we've got some great news for you!

Our A2P 10DLC Verification process helps ensure your messages get delivered and seen by your customers. As long as you follow the rules and regulations (including Call Loop's Messaging policy), you can expect to experience fewer message filters on 10DLC traffic to major US and Canadian networks.

And to make things even better, we've created a comprehensive overview to help guide you through the 10DLC registration process.

Part 1: Business Profile Registration

To start your A2P 10DLC registration, you first must complete the Business Profile. to get here go to Settings > Company > Compliance.

Step 1: Choose Your Company Type

In order to get approved for 10DLC, you MUST have United States EIN number to verify your business. There is no way around this.

If you do not have an EIN, then the only option for you would be to get a toll-free phone number.


⛔ No EIN (USA)

Local & Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

If you have an EIN number, you will be eligible to use local and toll-free numbers. Pending approval.

If you do not have a United States EIN number, then you are only eligible to use toll-free numbers. Pending approval.

Step 2: General Information

Enter in your general business information. The carriers will verify that this is a real valid address so please make sure that this address matches your specific business address.

Option #1: Enter Your EIN Number

Enter in your EIN number to find your business.

Option #2: Manually Enter Your Details

If you do not find your business, then you will need to manually enter your EIN number, business name, and other details.

IMPORTANT: You will also need to upload the federal IRS EIN document you received from the IRS showing your business name and issued EIN. Without this document, it's highly likely that you will get rejected.

IRS EIN Document

This is an example of the IRS document that you were provided from the IRS. Please upload this document showing your business name and matched EIN number.

Business Name

The end business / the business the consumer is engaging with.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

John’s Coffee Shop

Call Loop

This includes the end-user business that will be sending out the SMS messages that the end-user/mobile handset is engaging with

If the end-user business information is not provided, it will be rejected as Toll-Free Verification Requests must provide end-user business information to be reviewed.

Business Address

The address of the end business the consumer is engaging with. This should be the end business’ physical location. 10DLC approval does contemplate international senders with Toll-free numbers.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

123 Main St, Seattle, WA, 98119

“N/A” or address of Call Loop

Full business address includes the street, city, state, and zip code for the end-user business that will be sending out the SMS that the end-user/mobile handset is engaging with. This would be the physical location of the business.

Business address of Call Loop, no business address provided, or not a valid address.

Step 3: Business Information

The website of the end business/ the website the consumer is engaging with. This should be the website of the business name that was previously listed. This can include social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) if the business does not have a traditional website.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

URL to direct end-user business

No URL provided, URL not a live website, URL behind a login/password, address of the ISV/aggregator, invalid or typo-ed URL.

Note: If it is a smaller business with no direct webpage, social media links are acceptable (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The social media pages must be set to public so they can be reviewed.

If no URL is provided, the URL hasn’t gone live yet, or it is in a private state that requires a login/password, it is not reviewable. URLs are especially important for marketing use cases.

Note: Please test all included URLs if possible to ensure they work properly, check for typos, etc. Verification may fail due to a misspelled or invalid URL.

Step 4: Company Authorized Representatives

You will need to enter in the authorized company representatives for your company. If you have more than one, we highly recommend that you include them as well.

The first and last name, email address, and phone number for the contact of the end business.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

First and Last Name and Email address of the contact at the end-user business.

Call Loop contact, first and last name, and email address. End-user business information is needed. If Call Loop's contact information is provided, it will be rejected as 10DLC approval must provide end-user business information to be reviewed.

Note: This information is not used to contact the customer during the verification process.

Part 2: 10DLC Verification Registration

Now that you've completed your business profile with your correct business information, the second step is to complete the 10DLC approval use case profile.

Step 1: Create Your Use Case Profile

Use Case Name

This is just an internal name for this specific use case. The carriers will not see this. We recommend calling it the specific use case type. For example, if this use case is for Marketing, then call it Marketing. If it's for Notifications, then call it notifications.

Expected Monthly Messages

Estimated Monthly Volume for the submission. Choose the closest value and if ramping up, please use the value of where you expect to be in 6 months.\

Step 2: Use Case

Use Case

Select the use case that best fits the description of how you will use Call Loop.

Use Case Description

Please describe the use case and how you plan on using SMS.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

This number is used to send out promotional offers and coupons to the customers of John’s Coffee Shop.



Sending notifications of promotions and coupons to opted-in users and donut reward club members.

Notifying a customer when their car wash is complete.

Alerting students and faculty of emergency notifications.

Sending promotions to opted-in customers about deals and discounts.

Sending webinar reminders to registered contacts.

Alerting opted-in contacts about open roles and job opportunities.

Step 3: Opt-in Method

How will contacts give consent to receiving text messages from your company?




Using Call Loop's Keywords feature, people will opt-in by sending a keyword to your Call Loop number. (e.g. Text LOOP to 555-555-5555)

Web Widget

Using a tool like Intercom to capture a phone number and connect with a contact.,


Using Call Loop's webforms, people will fill out that form and get added to your Call Loop list.

Incoming SMS

People text your phone number and opt-in that way.

Incoming Call

People text your phone number and opt-in that way.


Integrating Call Loop with your CRM, people will get messages from your system.

For informational campaigns that use a text-to-join, QR code, or other mechanism that is excessively prohibitive to illustrate via a hosted image file, describing the opt-in workflow in detail is acceptable.

In as much detail, provide how a consumer/subscriber opts into this submission. The opt-in submitted should be what the mobile user sees when providing their phone number:

  • Online/app (URL, screenshot/webpage)

  • See in store (Keyword, signage)

  • Hears (IVR script/verbiage)

Please note this should be the description only, any links should be included.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

Keyword Coffee. The keyword is found on a sign at the register of John’s Coffee Shop where customers can see the keyword and text in to the local number. Once the customer texts the keyword, they are provided a double opt in where they are asked to Reply Y to confirm they would like to receive promotional SMS

Keyword/Text to join. Online. Point of Sale.

The more detail about the opt in process, the better. The information provided for review should be clear to the Verification Ops team what specifically the customer does to opt in/sign up to receive SMS from the end-user business.

The examples of opt in are just a starting point. There needs to be details explaining exactly what the customer does.




  • What is the keyword?

  • Where does the customer find the keyword?

  • What happens after the end-user/mobile handset texts the keyword to the local number?


  • What is the direct URL to the opt in/sign up page?

  • Screenshots of the opt-in/sign up page are acceptable.

  • This should be the SMS opt in/sign up, not emails.

Point of Sale

  • What is the process?

  • Where does the customer give the consent?

  • Provide a screenshot/picture/url and language the customer is agreeing.

Opt-in Images

Consent is one of the cornerstones of A2P messaging.

Opt-In workflow description should briefly describe how the handset gives consent to the business to receive messaging. Opt-in images can contain screenshots of the opt-in clearly displayed on the end-user’s website, an image of where opt-in is collected, or an image of relevant opt-in practice.

Provide images of the opt-in process and what a subscriber is agreeing to. This should be where the customer’s phone number was entered by the customer agreeing to receive the SMS.




  • Provide the link to the direct opt in page or a screenshot of the website opt-in page.

  • Only the phone number opt in page should be included; An opt-in for an email address is not acceptable for SMS TFV opt-in.

  • This must be a full, valid, working URL that is publicly accessible in order for the team reviewing to access the required information.

Text to Join

  • What is the keyword?

  • Where does the consumer/subscriber find the keyword?

  • Screenshots/pictures/urls are best.

Point of Sale

  • Provide a screenshot/picture/url of the opt-in from the POS, language the customer is subscribing to.

IMPORTANT: Only including “online”, “text to join”, “point of sale”, “web” is not enough for the opt in requirement for 10DLC approval.

Seeing directly how the customer opts in/signs up for SMS helps the Verification team understand exactly what the customer sees and signs up for.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

Direct URL to the opt in sign up page or hosted image of the opt in URL or Screenshot of the SMS opt in page.

URLs that don’t direct to the exact sign up, URLs that are behind a login/password screen, URLs that don’t resolve. The 10DLC approval team needs the direct link to the opt-in/sign up.

Note: Seeing directly how the customer opts in/signs up for SMS helps the Verification team understand exactly what the customer sees and signs up for.

Note: Please test all included URLs if possible to ensure they work properly, check for typos, etc. Verification may fail due to a misspelled or inaccessible URL.

Step 4: Samples Messages

The carriers want to see sample messages of what you plan on sending using this use case. Please provide two samples of the messages you'd likely send.

✅ Approved Example

⛔ Rejected Example

Thank you for being a loyal customer of John’s Coffee Shop. Enjoy 10% off your next purchase. Reply STOP to opt out.

Your appointment is today at 10:00 AM.

The sample message should MATCH the use case you have selected.

This should match the use case provided i.e. Marketing and should be similar types of content from the use case provided.


Hi (name)! This week John's Donuts is offering $3 off 1 dozen donuts for Donut Reward Club members! Hope to see you soon! Reply STOP to opt-out

(Name), your car wash is complete. Your vehicle is waiting for you in parking spot (number). Reply STOP to opt out

SVF: Good afternoon! This is the last call to fill out the Father Daughter Dance survey. {link} Reply STOP to opt out

The Webinar Workshop will be starting in 1 hour. Please show up early to save your seat. Here's the link {link} Reply STOP to opt out

That's it! Once it's been submitted, you will not be able to edit your information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the throughput for 10DLc approved numbers?


MPS (Messages Per Sec)

Toll-Free Numbers


High Volume Toll-Free Numbers

Up to 150 MPS

How can I increase my MPS with 10DLC numbers?

You are able to upgrade your MPS limit starting at 25 MPS up to 150 MPS. Reach out to our sales team for more information and pricing.

How long does it take for approval?

The carriers have been backlogged and the typical turn-around is between 2-3 weeks. I know it's not the most ideal, but unfortunately that is the state of the approval process.

Is there a fee for 10DLC brand and use case registration?

Brand Type

Brand Registration

Use Case Campaign

Sole Proprietor

$4.00 (one-time)

$15.00 (one-time) +


Low Volume Standard

$4.00 (one-time)

$15.00 (one-time) + $10.00/month


$44.00 (one-time)

$15.00 (one-time) + $10.00/month

What happens if I don't complete verification?

Effective October 1, 2022, unverified traffic will be fully blocked in Canada and subject to increased filtering and daily limits in the US. All unverified traffic filtered for these reasons will be blocked with an error. Verification is recommended for all customers regardless of volume.

What is the process for 10DLC registration?

After you create your Business Profile and submit your 10DLC use case, then your submission status will be "In Review" and will go through the stages.

In Review

Sent to the carriers and awaiting update.


Your submission has been rejected by the carriers with reasons. You are able to resubmit with updates.


Your business profile and toll-free use case have been approved and you are officially Verified for this specific use case.

Why are my messages being blocked?

If you are getting the error code 30007, this means that you are being blocked because your toll-free number has not been verified and you will need to submit your application. Messages will continue to be blocked if you do not register.

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