SMS Opt-Out Compliance

Learn about Call Loop's opt-out compliance rules to keep you safe.

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Under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), it's mandatory to remove customers from text message marketing campaigns if they make a reasonable request to opt-out. We call this process the "opt-out" process in SMS marketing.

Just like customers can opt-in by texting a certain keyword, they can also request to opt-out at any time by texting "STOP". At Call Loop, we've made it easy for customers to opt-out, even if they make typos or use variations of the word "STOP". We've designed our system to recognize alternative phrases.

Default Opt-Out Keywords

Advanced Opt-Out Keywords


Stop texting


Remove me from your list


Take me off your list


Wrong number


Don't text me


Manually Unsubscribe Contacts

From Call Loop, you can unsubscribe contacts one by one or in bulk.

Include Opt-Out Language to SMS Messages

You can choose to include the opt-out language to your SMS text messages in just a click. This will append the compliant language to your messages. You can use this on Broadcast, Triggers, Campaigns, and more.

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